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ANGAISA - Associazione Nazionale Commercianti Articoli Idrosanitari, Climatizzazione, Pavimenti, Rivestimenti e Arredobagno
Via Pelizza da Volpedo 8
20149 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-43990459
fax: ‡39-02-48591622

ANIMA - Federazione delle Associazioni Nazionali
dell'Industria Meccanica Varia e Affine

Via L.Battistotti Sassi 11/B
20133 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-73971
fax: ‡39-02-7397316

ASSISTAL - Associazione Nazionale Costruttori di Impianti

Via F. Restelli, 3
20124 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-6085211
fax: ‡39-02-606599

C.N.I.A. scarl
Via Nazionale 190/A
40015 Altedo (BO) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-051-6601280 / 1 / 2 / 3
fax: ‡39-051-870631 / 870782

CTI - Comitato Termotecnico Italiano

Via G.Pascoli 41
20129 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-2367330
fax: ‡39-02-2363927

Istituto Italiano del Rame
Strada IV Palazzo A/3
20090 Assago Milano Fiori (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-57501548
fax: ‡39-02-89200774

Filiale italiana

The Dialog Corporation s.r.l.
V.le Luigi Majno 40
20129 Milano - Italy
tel. +39-02-29536044
fax. +39-02-29535630
Customer Service +39 02 29536045

IMQ - Istituto italiano del Marchio di Qualitá
Via Quintiliano 43
20138 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-50731
fax: ‡39-02-50991500

Via del Fusaro 8
20146 Milano (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-4819086
fax: ‡39-02-4819091

Via Achille Grandi 5/7
20089 Rozzano (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-824721
fax: ‡39-02-57500132

Viale Premuda 2
20129 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-55181842
fax: ‡39-02-55184161 / 55016755

Centro Commerciale Milano San Felice
20090 Segrate (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-7532777
fax: ‡39-02-7532770

Via Pier de Crescenzi 44
48018 Faenza (RA) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-0546-663488
fax: ‡39-0546-660440

Via della Liberazione 1
20068 Peschiera Borromeo (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-55302606
fax: ‡39-02-55302700

Istituto Italiano del Rame
Strada IV Palazzo A/3
20090 Assago Milano Fiori (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-57501548
fax: ‡39-02-89200774

Via Valcava 6
20155 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-325246
fax: ‡39-02-325481

Via Bacchiglione 28
20139 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-57403340
fax: ‡39-02-57402055

Viale Sarca 243
20126 Milano - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-66103539
fax: ‡39-02-66103558

A.E.C. s.r.l.
Via C. Rubino 62/A
26013 Crema (CR) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-0373-890411
fax: ‡39-0373-84308

Via Parco 22
20046 Biassono (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-039-49861
fax: ‡39-039-4986222

Zona Industriale
32010 Pieve d'Alpago (BL) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-0437-986111
fax: ‡39-0437-989066

F.C.R. S.p.A. Filtrazione - Condizionamento - Riscaldamento
Via E. Fermi 3
20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-617981
fax: ‡39-02-61798300

Via Palladio 24
20135 Milano (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-583871
fax: ‡39-02-58319880

Via Varallo Pombia 19
28053 Castelletto Ticino (NO) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-0331-941600
fax: ‡39-0331-973100

Via Paracelso 12
20041 Agrate Brianza (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-039-60531
fax: ‡39-039-6057694 / 7

PMR - ERCA s.r.l.
Via Luigi Mancinelli 11
20131 Milano (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-28500701
fax: ‡39-02-2827574

REHOM s.r.l.
Viale Monza 355
20128 Milano (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-27001297
fax: ‡39-02-27001425

Via Napoli 29
20030 Bovisio Masciago (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-0362-594353

Via del Vigneto 23
39100 Bolzano (BZ) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-0471-203030
fax: ‡39-0471-203817

Via S.Uguzzone 21
20126 Milano (MI) - Italy
tel.: ‡39-02-27002922
fax: ‡39-02-27002933

Software & Information Resources

Domain Name Analyzer 

Domain Name Analyzer
is a free Windows and Mac OS X software for finding the best domain name for your product or business.

A large number of people refer to
Domain Name Analyzer
as the best software for searching domain names.

Create the Names:
  • From keywords... the program has a set of good keywords or you can specify your own.
  • Directly type in all the names you want to try in one go...
  • Import names from a text file: Convert all the words in an article or story to domain names. Great for getting domain names related to a specific subject!

scarica (613 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Domain Status Reporter 

Domain Name Status Reporter extracts and displays the following information.

Expiry Date (in most cases the expiration date displayed is the date the registrar's sponsorship of the domain name registration in the registry is currently set to expire. This date does not necessarily reflect the expiration date of the domain name registrant's agreement with the sponsoring registrar. You should consult the sponsoring registrar's Whois database to view the registrar's reported date of expiration).

Created Date and Last Updated Date

Status (Active, Registrar-Hold, etc.) A list of all domain status codes is available.

Registrar Name
In some cases (eg: Info domains) this could be a registrar code.

Authoritative whois server for the domain
The Authoritative whois server for the domain is normally operated by the registrar. For Com and Net domains a second whois lookup to the authoritative whois server is required for finding the actual ownership data. Domain Status Reported doesn't do this.

scarica (495 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Good KeyWords

Good Keywords
is free Windows software tool from Softnik Technologies for finding the ideal set of keywords for targeting your web pages.
Use Good Keywords to find suitable keywords sets, create your meta tags, brainstorm product ideas, etc.

Keyword Search Suggestions & Related Terms

Good Keywords is for finding the common words people usually search for.

For example if you type 'computer' the Overture/GoTo search suggestion tool will tell you that during the last month the word 'computer' was searched 459549 (these numbers are not exact and are used as examples only) times at Overture.Com. Similarly 'computer game' was searched 302207 times. Also, given one word it will tell you all relevant combinations of that word (again this is based on actual searches done by people).

If the word you typed in not a common search term you will not get any results. It simply means that very few people actually searched for that word during the last month.

The Lycos and Teoma component of Good Keywords will tell you the other combinations of keywords similar to the one you typed in (related searches). If these search engines have no suggestion it doesn't mean that there are actually no search results.

The software is useful for researching how people search the web and then optimizing your own web pages so that more people find your web site.

scarica (469 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Google™ API Search Tool

Google™ API Search Tool
is a simple but powerful Windows software tool for searching Google.
It is completely free and is not a commercial product.

Google doesn't approve of people using automated software tools to search. However Google recently announced the beta release of a developer API that allows their database of 2 billion documents to be searched using software developed for that purpose.

Google™ API Search Tool uses the Google web service API to perform the searches.
It also has a number of features that make it a very powerful desktop search tool.

Why do you need GAPIS?
  • It is a great time saver. Google™ API Search Tool presents the
       results in a clean easy to use interface. With a single click you can
       retrieve the top 30 results into a single table.
  • It is an efficient research tool because it lets you easily and
       automatically log and record the search results.
  • Whenever you do a search the results are saved to a local
    . These results are permanently available to you till you
       decide to delete it.
  • Google™ API Search Tool can stay in the system tray and can
       be fired up with a simple double click of your mouse.
  • It allows you to quickly create reports of your research.
       The URLs, titles etc may be copied to the clipboard and then to a
       spread sheet or any other software.

scarica (527 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Key Maker

Convert Phrases to Passwords

Passwords are required all over the web, but it really is a big bother trying to remember each and every password. It certainly is not a good idea using the same password every where. Key Maker is a small utility that generates secure passwords. It is very simple to use... Just play around with it for a couple of minutes and you are done!

Key Maker allows you to convert a phrase into a secret password. You can use it to create and use as many complicated passwords as you like without having to worry about forgetting passwords. The real difference between Key Maker and other password generators is that Key Maker uses a radically different approach. It doesn't generate random passwords.

Password Creation

Key Maker requires a key phrase. This can be anything that you will always remember (e.g.: “I always forget passwords”). The password is created from this phrase and will look some thing like ‘ghomqca9'. Even though this password is quite difficult to guess or even remember, you can always get it back by running Key Maker and typing in “I always forget passwords”.

scarica (494 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Site Popularity Meter

Is Your Website Popular?

What is it?

How many times have you wondered about the traffic your competitors' web sites get? Well, here is a free software to find exactly that!

Use Site Popularity Meter to

  • Find how your site compares with that of your competitors
  • See how popular your competitors are.
  • Plan your web site promotional efforts more efficiently.
  • Check usefulness of an advertisement campaign on a particular site.
  • Find sites that are useful to you for link swapping.
and so on...


scarica (494 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Time Synchronizer

Want to make sure that your system time is always accurate?

You require Time Synchronizer!

It synchronizes your computer clock with a public time server that uses an atomic clock.

You can easily set it up to startup at Windows boot (or whenever a dialup connection is established), automatically connect to a time server, synchronize the system clock and then quit.

Very simple, effective and no wasted system resources!

... and it is less than 500Kb to download!

This software was cited in
PC World, CNN/Sci-Tech, Rediff.Com and many other sites.

scarica (464 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Whois View

Find the owner of an IP or Domain

What is it?

WhoisView is a Windows and Mac OS X software tool for finding the owner of an IP block or domain name.

The main feature of WhoisView is its simplicity. Type in a host name or IP address and it will retrieve the ownership information by digging through various authoritative whois servers. WhoisView will find information all other similar tools are unable to or don't bother to locate.

There are no complicated options. You may specify additional whois server for country code domains if required. The software may be minimized to system tray.

WhoisView may be used to find information like

  • Who owns a domain name
  • Who owns a specified IP address block
  • Who is the web hosting provider for a website
  • Who provides the DNS, Email handling, etc for a domain

scarica (478 Kb)
freeware copyright © Softnik Technologies

Alexa toolbar
Through our partnership with, we are offering an exclusive ComfortShow version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. With the toolbar you can search the web, using their amazing search engine, right from your toolbar. Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you'll help support ComfortShow.
scarica subito

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